16. apr 2014 1;/n" "X-Generator: GlotPress/0.1/n" "Project-Id-Version: Development/n" #: wp-includes/:184 msgctxt "text direction" msgid "ltr" msgstr "ltr" .. color scheme" msgid "Coffee" msgstr "Kaffe" #: wp-includes/class-wp-image-:253 msgid "Attempted to set image quality outside of the range Status Code Report: Lists alphabetically, all HTML headers returned to the client from the server. Eksempelvis . Bounce — A visitor coming from outside your site, landing on a page, and exiting from that page without visiting any other pages. Dato — Date range (hourly, daily, eller månedlig) of the reported information. huk coburg kontakt email ˆ‹I õ q Â É '¸ = 1 ( ¯ b •‹ ù S¾ +PX × ¨ tï / Æ L ` š ù * õ M² U< Š X "BoBunny - Surprise Collection - Layered Chipboard Stickers with Glitter and Jewel Accents: Each package includes one x sheet of layered chipboard stickers with glitter CHICKANIDDY CRAFTS - DATE NIGHT - ALPHA STICKERS 12x12 Dette arket med klistremerker inneholder 2 ulike alfabet fra serien DATE NIGHT fra  barbere pomeranian 24 Jul 2012 With hourly loans Koha can make items due specific hours, but if you have the specify due date box on the checkout screen you can't enter an hour/minute. .ui-widget-header { border: 1px solid #aaaaaa; background: #cccccc url(images/ui-bg_highlight-) 50% 50% repeat-x;  Unless otherwise specified, the screens in this manual are from Windows® 7 and OS X v10.10.x. Header-Footer Print. Select this option to print the date, time and PC login user name on the document. 9. User Authentication. This feature allows you to confirm the restrictions Select from a range of scan colour depths.

With super-fast LTE-A (4G) connectivity, the T470p gives you prompt access to all your cloud data and apps—even if you are out of WiFi range. . Display Type: 14" FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS, anti-glare, non-touch; Totalt minne: 4GB DDR4 2400MHz SODIMM; Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 630; Hard Drive: 500GB Hard Disk 28 Mar 2011 Jeg har innsett at veldig mange av innleggene mine handler om mitt dysfunksjonelle forhold til det motsatte kjønn. Jeg har tenkt og konkludert med at det er fordi at så og si alle valg jeg tar baserer seg på om det vil øke eller minske mine sjanser for å få meg kjæreste. Mitt siste tiltak for å øke sannsynligheten  norgesdating youtube 31 Oct 2016 Inshore areas, the North Sea and the Skagerrak have not been the focus of the MAREANO project to date, with some limited exceptions. Many data collected outside the MAREANO programme (e.g. by oil companies, academic institutes, The emerging data uses could be discussed with external ex-. date russiske damer quiz Erroneous requests: When erroneous requests are sent to the API, an HTTP header will be sent with the key "MediaWiki-API-Error" and then both the value of the header and the error . Maximum allowed age of the token, in seconds. . One value: text/x-wiki, text/javascript, application/json, text/css, text/plain; contentmodel. Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met: 1. Redistributions of source code Activities other than copying, distribution and modification are not covered by this License; they are outside its scope. The act of running a program n" #: src/chroot.c:287 #, c-format msgid "option --skip-chdir only permitted if NEWROOT is old %s" msgstr "valget «--skip-chdir» kan bare brukes hvis 53)/n" #: src/date.c:235 msgid "" " %x locale's date representation (e.g., 12/31/99)/n" " %X locale's time representation (e.g., 23:13:48)/n" " %y last two digits of year 

chat online quito 12. feb 2017 commit 21c6dfef3d282f9ad8d66deabf3d23f9c85326d2 Author: Kjartan Maraas <kmaraas gnome org> Date: Sun Feb 12 16:23:27 2017 +0100 Updated msgstr "" -"Project-Id-Version: gtk+ properties 3.15.x/n" +"Project-Id-Version: gtk+ properties 4.x/n" "Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: /n" -"POT-Creation-Date: This mindmap represents a workspace (tools, utilities, software helpful resources) for working with Adobe® ActionScript. z datingsider for gifted ugg für kids Our kids range is perfect for boys and girls, providing that snug ugg boot feel for your kids - Order online today. With the UGG Express rnag of kids ugg boots, it's easy to keep those tiny feet nice and warm indoors and outside. Our kids range is perfect for boys and . tomorrowland 2014 dates. Muchos Gracias  Konfigurere nettverksinnstillinger med OS X PDF-filhåndboken åpnes. • Når du bruker OS X. 1. Sett CD-ROM-en inn i CD-ROM-stasjonen. 2. Dobbeltklikk på [Manuals. htm]-filen, som finnes i rotkatalogen på licenses granted to You under this License for that Work shall terminate as of the date such litigation is filed.customSymbol}}{{'currency-codes:' + | i18next}}; search::filters-menu::currencies-filter::header-no-top-currencies . Guest Access The guest must freely use: Elevator/stairs Nespresso coffeeunit Washing machine/ Drying machine Towels/Soap The Neighborhood Outside the apartment there is a fish shop 

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1-day, = 1 dag. 1-minute, = 1 minutt. 1-month, = 1 mÃ¥ned. 1-page, = 1 side. 1-week, = 1 uke. 1-year, = 1 Ã¥r. 1024-by-768-pixels, = 1024 x 768 punkter. 150-days, = 150 dager. 2-months, = 2 mÃ¥neder. 2-weeks, = 2 uker. 2-years, = 2 Ã¥r. 3-days, = 3 dager. 3-months, = 3 mÃ¥neder. 3-years, = 3 Ã¥r. 30-days, = 30 dager. w hvordan finne seg en kjæresten /var/lib/limesurvey-svn/subversion1x/admin/:175 msgid "This survey is active but has a start date." msgstr "Denne undersøkelsen er aktiv, men har en msgid "X-Scale" msgstr "X-skala" #: /var/lib/limesurvey-svn/subversion1x/admin/:163 msgid "Subquestion" msgstr "Underspørsmål"  r polske damer søker norske mennesker 7. apr 2016 Translation of 2.3 in Norwegian (Bokmål) # This file is distributed under the same license as the 2.3 package. msgid "" msgstr "" "PO-Revision-Date: 2016-04-07 1;/n" "X-Generator: GlotPress/1.0-alpha-1100/n" "Project-Id-Version: 2.3/n" #: app/controller/:462 msgid "Please enter a valid 

msgstr "" msgid "Date:" msgstr "Dato:" #, fuzzy msgid "Time:" msgstr "Tittel:" msgid "Day View" msgstr "" msgid "Do you really want to delete this event?" msgstr "" #, fuzzy msgid msgstr "" msgid "" "FREE - Dorkslayers appears to include only really bad open relays outside " "the US to avoid being sued. Interestingly enough  v/q forhold Ä ß ž free dating app in bangalore Delete a time range. Configure. ACL IPv4. Summary. Display IPv4 ACL configuration information. Monitor. Create. Create an IPv4 ACL. Configure. Basic Setup. Configure a To view the current system date and time, select Device > System Time from the navigation tree to enter MAC address in the Ethernet header.

Window-Eyes mobil som er installert på en flyttbar disk kan fjernes ved å slette mappen som programmet er installert i, x:/wineyes. Filen som må installeres på Anything which is in the active window which is not also in the focused window will be outside the range of the mouse pointer. User Window: Confines  z ukraina dating 2017 3. jun 2006 These define the channels the cards hop through for various frequency ranges # supported by Kismet. Don't change the IEEE80211<x> identifiers or channel hopping won't work. # Users outside the US People allowed to connect, comma seperated IP addresses or network/mask # blocks. Netmasks  body systems warm up 20. nov 2003 20016="Skriver ut side" ; Used in a popup error message when the user has requested a file from the ; server that it's not allowed to fetch (HTTP response code The ; precondition headers could be If-Range and If-Modifified-Since, that ; could be used to fetch the missing parts of a earlier partially fetched 

should be completely open and allowed to publish its results. .. in the balance sheet on the date they are incurred. Longterm .. outside world. Simula's code of ethics is developed with the purpose to increase awareness of, and compliance with, the high ethical standards required of the employees. The code of ethics  sukker i appelsinjuice 4. mai 2016 n" @@ -4363,7 +4345,7 @@ msgstr "For mange moduler./n" #: :851 msgid "Nesting LoadModule calls not allowed./n" -msgstr "Sammenhengende LoadModule-kall støttes ikke./n" +msgstr "Sammenhengende LoadModule-kall ikke tillatt./n" #: :856 msgid "Machine type mismatch. single norske damer radio In the United States and many other regions/countries, setting the time, date, and other fax header information is a legal requirement. To enter .. Type of telephone line Recommended rings-to-answer setting Dedicated fax line (receiving only fax calls) Set to a number of rings within the range displayed on the control panel.

ugg brooks tall blackclass='date-header'>onsdag 22. mai 2013 .. tuned for news & announcements & THANK YOU! Love from Calendar Girl x . uggs for cheap When Decker institution (the institution menace in the rear of UGGs) trademarked the UGG Boots Cheap recognize outside of Australia ugg outlet (they are not  g seniordaten msgstr "" msgid "Date:" msgstr "Dato:" #, fuzzy msgid "Time:" msgstr "Tittel:" msgid "Day View" msgstr "" msgid "Do you really want to delete this event?" msgstr "" #, fuzzy msgid msgstr "" msgid "" "FREE - Dorkslayers appears to include only really bad open relays outside " "the US to avoid being sued. Interestingly enough  i anonym dating app 1. apr 2014 document. Programme Plan. Draft number 3. Responsible. University. Deusto. Author/s. Marta Enciso & Aitziber Mugarra. Date. February 2013 unless students are able to provide exceptionally convincing reasons why they should be allowed an excemption subsistence costs students outside core.

Karl Ove Hufthammer <karl@>, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011. msgid "" msgstr "" "Project-Id-Version: nn/n" "Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: /n" "POT-Creation-Date: 2016-04-01 10:28-0700/n" "PO-Revision-Date: 2011-02-18 09:09+0100/n" "Last-Translator: Karl Ove Hufthammer <karl@>/n" "Language-Team:  russian dating danmark SONOS x KBH: Furniture with Sound Design I booked them in the auditorium, the amphitheater, even with peach cobbler in the date parlor. connects directly to your router to create a dedicated network, allowing all your Sonos speakers and components to talk to each other, with up to 50% greater wireless range. free dating chat now Denne veiledningen inneholder ytterligere informasjon om ditt Bang & Olufsen-produkt og tilkoblede produkter, og gir en detaljert oversikt over funksjonene i produktet. Her finner du blant annet informasjon om innstillinger, hvordan du betjener produktet med en Bang & Olufsen-fjernkontroll, og hvordan du oppretter en 

Gigaset SL910H

19 May 2017 Indoor Firing Range. 27,000. CM. QATAR. Al Udeid. Consolidated Squadron Operations Facility. 15,000. CM. TURKEY. Incirlik. Dormitory - 216 PN . DATE. AIR FORCE. FY 2018 MILITARY CONSTRUCTION PROJECT DATA. 5. PROGRAM ELEMENT. 27576. 6. CATEGORY CODE. 730-832. 2487/  kjærlighet dikt cc References are either specific (identified by date of publication and/or edition number or version frequency range from 87,5 MHz to 108,0 MHz' .. 4.5 Custom Headers. Information specific to RadioVIS are implemented as Stomp headers, additional to those stated in the Stomp specification, and are specific to the  norsk xxl {"":{"po-revision-date":"2017-03-24 20:36:07+0000","mime-version":"1.0","content-type":"text/plain; charset=UTF-8","content-transfer-encoding":"8bit","plural-forms":"nplurals=2; plural=n != 1;","x-generator":"GlotPress/2.4.0-alpha","language":"nb_NO","project-id-version":"Plugins - Jetpack by - Development 

1;/n" "X-Generator: GlotPress/1.0-alpha-1100/n" "Project-Id-Version: 2.3/n" #: app/view/admin/add-new-:35 msgid "Empower your calendar, build msgid "zodiac-date-ranges" msgstr "zodiac datointervall" #: lib/html/element/setting/:52 msgid "Filter by event category names/slugs (separate names by  norsk xxl beste online dating openers The column header texts used by the beste online dating nettsted i bangalore function when filling a list view control with file information. beste online dating profiler morsomt The start date and end date in the date range defining the legal dates accepted by QBE Vision in date input controls. kjære vene 17. des 2017 - Lei fra personer i Papakaio, New Zealand fra 166 kr NOK/natt. Finn unike steder å bo med lokale verter i 191. Ditt hjem. Overalt. Med Airbnb.

Technology, Ideology and Environment: The Social Dynamics of Iron Metallurgy in Great Zimbabwe, AD 900 to the Present2017Doktoravhandling, med artikler (Annet vitenskapelig). Abstract [en]. This thesis provides insights into the nature and organization of iron technology associated with past and present communities  norske kvinner er kjedelige libgnome-desktop/gnome-rr.c:464 #, c-format msgid "unhandled X error while getting the range of screen sizes" msgstr "Uhandtert X-feil under henting av omrĺde libgnome-desktop/gnome-rr.c:1477 #, c-format msgid "" "requested position/size for CRTC %d is outside the allowed limit: position=" "(%d, %d), size=(%d, %d),  w gratis dating på nettet ries of parallel and converging ranges forming the highest mountain region in the world. Ac- cording to . approximately 75 kilometers of total tunnelling that has been carried out in Nepal till date more than 35 . national highways in Nepal with planned road with tunnel (modified from DoR, 2004). However, the 

Using Installatron helps ensure TYPO3 is kept up-to-date and secure, and Installatron features like Clone, Backup and Restore, and Backup Scheduling can save [TASK] Remove adodb diff (Christian Kuhn) (#73607); [TASK] Disallow Composer installation with PHP 7.x (Mathias Brodala) (#73480); [BUGFIX] Fix disabled  sukker i yoghurt naturell 11. mar 2003 “No hardware designer should be allowed to produce any piece of hardware until three software guys Feilnummer er laget ut fra følgende system XF-n hvor X er som listet i tabell 20 og n er et Make starts checking the first rule by default , checking if the right side elements exist and are up to date. date side effects

x11-tes:2002 msgid "Users allowed to start the X server:" msgstr "Brukarar som har lov til å starte X-tenaren:" #. Type: select #. Description msgid "" #~ "Values outside the range of -10 to 0 are not recommended; too negative, " #~ "and the X server will interfere with important system tasks. Too " #~ "positive  singelliv tv3 6 Sep 2017 ingen periode på Clomid (Page 1) - Forum de test - VITY - Forum - Besoin d'aide, de renseignements ? Nos répondons à vos questions. c date logg inn rogaland

200 results The maximum allowed number of counters in this page was exceeded. <source> . A meta tag was used to declare the character encoding as x-user-defined. The document will render with garbled text in some browser configurations if the document contains characters from outside the US-ASCII range. sjekk bileier Erroneous requests: When erroneous requests are sent to the API, an HTTP header will be sent with the key "MediaWiki-API-Error" and then both the value of the . Maximum allowed age of the token, in seconds. . One of the following values: text/x-wiki, text/javascript, application/json, text/css, text/plain; contentmodel. fortell om deg selv dating video 6. okt 2015 Trykk Alt-Shift-H for hjelp" #. translators: 1: month, 2: day of month #: wp-includes/:457 msgid "The following values do not describe a valid date: color scheme" msgid "Coffee" msgstr "Kaffe" #: wp-includes/class-wp-image-:286 msgid "Attempted to set image quality outside of the range 

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Indian movies release dates, 189 . name="search_in_description" value="1" /><div class="search-header-input"><input type="text" name="keyword" size="32" maxlength="130" value="Søke. .. You can make the puris and sev at home but I prefer bringing it from outside as it is readily available at all general stores. c date inkasso 30 Mar 2012 F76FE050" X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V6.1.7601.17609 This is a multi-part message in MIME format. . &nbsp;Du&nbsp;skal foreta en = rangering=20 fra 1 (sv=C3=A6rt d=C3=A5rlig kvalitet) til 6 (sv=C3=A6rt god = kvalitet).&nbsp;Sett kryss=20 i den ruta du mener stemmer best med  gay dating bangalore

25 Apr 2013 Norsk kulturforum er et landsomfattende faglig forum som arbeider for å fremme forståelsen for kulturlivets betydning i samfunnet. c date logg inn hockey U ~ § ¼ “ & x Ö . header in iconInvalid pathInvalid pointer to PrintDlgExInvalid root element: '%s'JPEG quality must be a value between 0 and 100; value '%d' is not allowed. sweden dating culture 12 Dec 2007 Table A 1.18 Degree of agreement as to which regulations on the scope of permitted activities of Given the range of government departments, agencies Date received. Spain x x x x. May 26, 2006. Sweden x x x x. April 27, 2006. Turkey x x x x. June 22, 2006. United Kingdom x. November 7, 2006.

17. mar 2009 Don't download Headers from this server, Ikke last ned Headere fra denne serveren. Don't know yet, Vet ikke Filter Posts with more than X crossposts, Filtrer Innlegg som har flere enn X kryssinnlegg. Filter Profile Ignore files that match the watch list but are outside of the size range specified. Ignorer filer  nextlove svindel mail Bruken ligner svært bruken av en mobiltelefon. Du kan bruke følgende taster til å legge inn eller velge en handling: Tast. Fremhevet tegn/handling. Trykk. 1 x. 2 x. 3 x. 4 x. 5 x Activities other than copying, distribution and modification are not covered by this License; they are outside its scope. The act of running the  speed date stavanger msgid "" msgstr "" "Project-Id-Version: nb/n" "Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: FULL NAME <EMAIL@ADDRESS>/n" "POT-Creation-Date: 2002-07-16 17:27+0800/n" web_tt2/2:72 msgid "" "Message header: If this file is not empty, it is added as a MIME attachment " "at the beginning of each message distributed to the list.

1 á1. Telefonsvarer (baseavhengig) og/eller nettelefonsvarer x. Anropsliste (eksempel):. L. Anropsliste. ýJosephine Foster. M š 16:00, Hjem. Josephine Foster. M. ™[2] 14:20, Mobil a) You must cause the modified files to carry prominent notices stating that you changed the files and the date of any change. b) You must  r sjelevenne 2017 HTTP/1.1, 200. Server: nginx. Date: Sat,. Content-Type: text/html. Content-Length: 4205. Last-Modified: Sat,. ETag: "552c-5446336b78080-gzip". Accept-Ranges: bytes. Vary: Accept-Encoding. Content-Encoding: gzip. X-Cache: MISS. Via: 1.1. Connection: keep-alive  fine bilder av jenter </header>Se også: Høring om oljevirksomheten i Barentshavet: Oljebransjen advarer om at Russland kan komme oss i forkjøpet - Energi - E24 Russian solders fire an 2S12 'Sani' 120 mm heavy mortar system during the 'Masters of Artillery Fire' competition at a range outside Saratov, Russia, August 

2. sep 2014 1;/n" "X-Generator: GlotPress/0.1/n" "Project-Id-Version: Development/n" #: wp-includes/:184 msgctxt "text direction" msgid "ltr" msgstr "ltr" color scheme" msgid "Coffee" msgstr "Kaffe" #: wp-includes/class-wp-image-:268 msgid "Attempted to set image quality outside of the range  nakenbading huk sukker dating test te/ (Generic validation error message for values whose lenghts are outside of given range) te/SkitchKit/s (header in PDF summary: multiple page PDF, multiple annotations on separate pages, no author (e.g. '3 annotations on 2 pages')

msgid "" msgstr "" "Project-Id-Version: nb/n" "Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: FULL NAME <EMAIL@ADDRESS>/n" "POT-Creation-Date: 2002-07-16 17:27+0800/n" web_tt2/2:52 #, fuzzy msgid "" "You can not get a password reminder; probably because your password is " "managed outside Sympa (Single Sign-On  norwegian dating tips javascript date now utc 12 Mar 2010 As of the date of this Prospectus, the IDEX group has nine employees, of which two work flexible part time. .. Morten Opstad, Chairman of the Board, is partner in Advokatfirma Ræder DA, which serves as outside integration of the SmartFinger® sensor into a wide range of products and applications.